Magic Energy Ion Bottle 700Ml Bottle Drinking Water Health-Alkai
Magic Energy Ion Bottle 700Ml Bottle Drinking Water Health-Alkai
Magic Energy Ion Bottle 700Ml Bottle Drinking Water Health-Alkai
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21 May 2018
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Specification of Magic Energy Ion Bottle 700Ml Bottle Drinking Water Health-Alkai

Water plays an important role for the activity of all organs of the body. Lack of water or dehydration can cause fatigue, cloudy urine, deep heat, headaches, constipation and various other diseases.
Filling water needs for the body alone is not enough. You need to provide oxygen nutrients to the body cells with hexgonal water intake (water molecules) that serves to get rid of toxins / wastes, acid disease (detox) to perfection.
Magic Energy Ion Bottle is capable of producing IER-Negative rich ENERGY water instantly. Magic Energy Ion Bottle can change water
Fiture Magic Energy Ion Bottle:
Pantented Silicon Energy
Functionality and usability :
Preventing & Helping Disease Healing (Heart, Liver, Kidney & Intestine Diabetes)
Fixing Body Organ Functions
Neutralize And Dispose Of Toxic Acid Body
Increase Nutrition And Oxygen To Cell (Accelerate Water Absorption And Minerals & Prevent Aging)
Forming Hexagonal water molecules to easily absorb nutrients mineral vitamins supply oxygen
Replace body fluids quickly
Smooth the metabolism, blood circulation, get rid of toxins, get rid of the disease, menajaga endurance body
Make the body more energetic and more concentrated
Practical easy to carry anywhere
Useful for brewing milk, tea and other herbal drinks.
Benefits and Advantages of Other Medical Devices Magic Energy Ion Bottle:
Changing the acidity becomes healthy alkaline
Helps blood circulation distribute nutrients and oxygen into cells
Increase body power
Dilate narrowed blood vessels
Slows down premature aging and helps increase cell metabolism
Rules and Recommendations Usage:
Use of Magic Energy Ion Bottle:
Wash Bottle the First Time Before Use With Warm Water And Wash It Periodically
Wash Bound Q With Water Flow, Then Soak With Warm Water Every 10 Days
Wash Bound Q 20 Days Once With Vinegar Water For 1 Minute
Use of Magic Energy Ion Bottle:
For Maximum Results Insert Water Into Magic Energy Ion Bottle That Contains Bound Q, Wait Less More 5 Minutes, Then Water Can Be Drunk
Drink at least 2 Liters of Water Per Day
For maximum results use Bound Q in Water Energy Bottle.
Product Description:
Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue
Regular: 500 ml -> 8 x 7.5 x 23.5
Medium: 700 ml -> 8.5 x 8.5 x 24.2 cm
Large: 1000 ml -> 9 x 9 x 27.5 cm
SGS Tested & Meet Production Standard Safety, FDA Standard & BPA
Information And Booking Can Contact Contact Person Contact Us:
Office: 031-8680367
Phone 1: 0 8 1 3 3 0 8 9 8 9 0 0
Phone 2: 0 8 1 1 3 2 7 0 9 0 0

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